Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Zager Acoustic Guitar Review from Billy Schlosser

The guitar did arrive on Sat. and we gave it to Emily that night! She was blown away! Thank you so much for your help in making this happens. We are so impressed with your customer service, and the guitar is as amazing as we had hoped! 

We've been playing it non-stop for two days and couldn't be happier! I am looking forward to getting one for myself soon.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Zager ZAD80CE Made in USA

Name: Alun Reagan

I was searching for an easy guitar to play that sill sound as great as other brand guitars. Then I saw Zager. I was kind of skeptic about it since it promises a lot of good things that sounds too good to be true. But I’m really interested and whenever I played my other guitars, it’s painful already.

So I bought a Zager ZAD80 CE. It’s an acoustic electric dreadnaught guitar. It has rosewood sides and back while the top is made out of solid cedar. It has a built in tuner and made by Fishman.  Then Fretboard is made out of Rosewood and includes 20 frets. Quite well packaged and designed .The neck is fast while the strings are low enough to be played well and are a slightly wide apart. 

It’s pretty easy to play on the finger s just like how they advertised it. It even has a sealed gold Grover tuners and abalone trim around the body and sound hold. Very classy. It came with a case, extra strings, picks, allen wrench and a temp/humidity gauge. The finish is transparent, glossy and flawless.
I can play it better than other guitars I owned. The notes are good and the strings are well customized for easy playing. 

The sound also has this deep full rich sound. It doesn’t have that ringing and buzzing sound even when its plugged in an amplifier. I’ve played other acoustic electric guitars but they don’t match the sound quality of ZAD80 CE.
Truly, one of the best acoustic electric guitar I’ve ever owned.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sister Barbara from Aydelotte Zager Guitar Review

I was searching on internet and reading some acoustic guitar forums then I read a post about zager then I visited its website to see its product and services.

If I compare my new ZAD80CE with my other guitars then no comparisons because zager is far superior to my older guitars. I am 70 years old and playing guitar for fun but with my previous guitar, wasn’t well, it was very hard to play and heavy so difficult to carry. But my new zager is very easy to play and carry.

I love this guitar very much and this is my favorite guitars. But my best favorite part is its great sound and its playability and excellent craftsman ship on this guitar. It is a beautiful instrument for play.
Price of this guitar is very low compare to my expectation.

Wow, the customer support of this company is the best. I never deal with any other company like zager. The staff working at zager has good manners and talks politely and gives answer to every question.

I recommend zager guitars to professional and beginner. Especially for beginner because It’s is very easy to play with best quality sound.

As I said I am 70 years old and learning guitar. I was having problem with the fender guitar was difficult to play and i could not practice more. My zager Zad80ce is very easy to play and now I can practice for long time and enjoying. And the best part of this guitar is 100% money back guarantee. So buy it once and if you not satisfied with it you can send back it to zager and take your money back. Once again thanks denny for this amazing instrument.

Zager Guitars Reviews

Name : Larry Mitchell


Well I must say I am very impressed with the Zager instrument.  Especially considering its relative low cost. It is so nice to be able to actually tune a guitar perfectly and have it stay in tune and also be in tune on the upper registers.  I do a lot of capo work so that is huge for me. 

And the sound plugged in is really nice.  I just have to get used to having a sensitive transducer. Now that I know I really like Zager,  do I keep this one (20 series) or swap this for the ZAD50CE. 

Easy to play & Affordable Zager Guitar Review from Bob Haase

Model: Zager Zad 50ce

I got the guitar a couple of days ago and it is beautiful!  I wasn't sure if I'd like the sunburst design, but I just love it. I have strummed at it a little and it feels so nice in my hands.  Anyway, you can probably tell that I am very happy with the guitar.  I've got to get some cord music so I can play and sing those old songs. 

I love its action, fit and finish, sound quality and Ease of play in very lower price. In any other brand all these this in very high price. And one another thing construction quality of this guitar is great and best quality wood used by denny.

 Thank you for your excellent service and this most awesome guitar.